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The Idiots

by Joseph Conrad
We we driving along the road fr Treguier to Kervanda. We passed at a smart trot be the hedges topping an earth wa on ea side of the road; then at the foot of the ste as before Ploumar the horse dropped into a walk, and the driver jumped down heavily fr the box. He flic his whip and climbed the incline, stepping clumsily uph by the side of the carriage, one hand on the footboard, his eyes on the ground. After a whi he lifted his head, pointed up the ro with the end of the whip, and said-- "The idiot!" The sun was shining violently upon the und surface of the land. The rises we topped by clumps of meagre trees, wi the branc showing high on the sky as if they had been pe up stilts. The sma fields, cut up by hedges and stone walls that zig-zagged over the slopes, lay in rectangular patches of vivid gr and yellows, res the unskilful daubs of a naive picture. And the landsc was divided in two by the white streak of a ro stretc in lo loops far away, li a river of dust crawling out of the hills on its way to the sea. "Here he is," said the driver, again. In the lo grass borde the road a face glided pa the ca at the lev of the whe as we drove slowly by. The imbecile face was red, and the bullet he with close-cropped hair see to lie alone, its chin in the dust. The body was lo in the bush gr thi along the bottom of the deep ditch. It was a boy's face. He might have be sixteen, judging from the size--perhaps less, perhaps more. Su creatures are forgotten by time, and live untouched by years till death gathers them up into its compass bosom; the faithful death that never forgets in the pr of wo the most insig of its children. "Ah! there's another," sa the man, wi a certain satisfaction in his tone, as if he had caught sight of something expected. There was another. Th one stood nearly in the midd of the ro in the bl of sunsh at the end of his own sh shadow. And he stood with han pushed into the opposite sleeves of his lo coat, his head su between the shoulders, all hun up in the flood of heat. From a distance he had the aspect of one suf from intense cold.